bộ rung khí nén phễu liệu

bộ rung khí nén phễu liệu

  • Xuất xứ : TAIWAN
  • Tình Trạng : CÒN HÀNG
  • Giá SP : LIÊN HỆ

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Mô tả sản phẩm bộ rung khí nén phễu liệu

bộ rung khí nén kết hợp thông khí vừa làm vật liệu dạng bột và dạng hạt di chuyển dễ dàng trong môi trường áp suất từ 2 – 6 bar đồng thời tạo ra một lực rung nhẹ lên thành của phễu chứa liệu.

Singles gas flow aid is most effective on the market break arch device, which brings together the common effect of vibration and fluidization jets of action that can help you in various forms from the silo to facilitate smooth unloading all types of material; it vibration effect acts directly on the powder itself, long-term use does not produce any adverse effects on the silo; its small footprint, easy installation, low maintenance costs, very easy to use. Combines these advantages in foreign aid air flow in powder industry popular, are widely used in power plant desulfurization, mining metallurgy, food food processing, petrochemical, building materials and other industries. In recent years, various types of powder in the domestic industry, the use of air flow to help more and more, its effect by the user recognition and praise, the industry attention, help air flow is increasing.

Features: DL15 glidants gas Singles, this product group is installed in the upper portion of the discharge port through the pneumatic principle, to promote a smooth material, with one compartment is ideal for accessories.



Cách cài đặt 

Khí nén được đưa trực tiếp vào vào miệng silicon của bộ rung khí nén kết hợp làm thông khí. Miệng silicon này được gắn vào mặt trong của thành xilô.
Cường độ của lực rung được điều chỉnh tùy theo áp suất làm việc dao động từ 2 – 6 bar. Nhờ hoạt động ngắt quãng với thời lượng tối đa là 5 giây, lượng khí nén được sử dụng là rất thấp.

In the wall of the silo Φ22mm hole, the gas butterfly mounted on the inner wall of the silo, screw extends outside the silo, then one by one to install rubber mats, and two flat washers and nuts, and finally tighten the quick connector, plug in the trachea .

working principle:

As shown, follow the instructions that we provide to help the flow of gas to the mounting plate is on the inner wall of the bunker. Special material aid gas flow Singles used have excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance.When the inside air is introduced into the warehouse, the air flow along the warehouse wall, in order to reduce the warehouse and material warehouse wall friction, and help air flow Singles due to the introduction of air generated intense high-frequency vibration, the complete destruction of the accumulation of materials produced or suspension . Singles aid gas flow running from the pipe material or the moisture content of the impact, for some materials absorb moisture easily with other flow aid devices unmatched results. Glidants air cushion built-in check valve can completely prevent the powder into the pipe to ensure that the flow of gas Singles can help long maintenance-free and efficient operation.

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