van chống nún MPW-01 MPA-01 MPB-01

van chống nún MPW-01 MPA-01 MPB-01

  • Xuất xứ : YUKEN
  • Tình Trạng : CÒN HÀNG
  • Giá SP : LIÊN HỆ

Thông số kỹ thuật

Mô tả sản phẩm van chống nún MPW-01 MPA-01 MPB-01

van chống nún MPW YUKEN | Reducing Valves MPW-01 MPW-01 MPA-01 MPW-01 MPW-01 MPA-01 MPB-01 MPA-01 MPB-01 van chống tụt thủy lực MPW-01 MPA-01 MPB-01 MPW-01 MPA-01 van an toàn YUKEN | van chống rơi thủy lực MPW-01 MPW-01 van tràn thủy lực MPA-01 MPB-01 MPA-01 MPB-01 van chỉnh áp thủy lực MPW-01 MPA-01 MPB-01 MPW-01 MPA-01

The modular valves are functional elements with which a hydraulic system can be composed and built easily by stacking
them with the mounting bolts. Therefore, no piping is required for the manufacture of the hydraulic systems.
Yuken’s 01 Series Modular Valves are widely used to compose the hydraulic systems for the various industrial equipment including machine tools, special purpose machines and injection moulding machines. The valves have standardized mounting surface conforming to ISO 4401-AB-03-4-A and optimum thickness for the stacking.

Thông số sản phẩm van chống nún thủy lực MPW-01 MPA-01 MPB-01

MPW-01 MPW-02


Các model van size 01: 


MAC-01-30 MJB-01-M-B-N-10
MBA-01-C-30 MJB-01-M-C-10
MBA-01-H-30 MJB-01-M-C-N-10
MBB-01-C-30 MJB-01-M-H-10
MBB-01-H-30 MJB-01-M-H-N-10
MBK-01-01-30 MJP-01-J-100-10
MBK-01-02-30 MJP-01-J-200-10
MBK-01-03-30 MJP-01-J-350-10
MBK-01-04-30 MJP-01-J-35-10
MBK-01-05-30 MJP-01-M-B-10
MBP-01-C-30 MJP-01-M-B-N-10
MBP-01-H-30 MJP-01-M-C-10
MBR-01-C-30 MJP-01-M-C-N-10
MBR-01-H-30 MJP-01-M-H-10
MCP-01-0-30 MJP-01-M-H-N-10
MCP-01-2-30 MMC-01-10-40
MCP-01-4-30 MMC-01-1-40
MCT-01-0-30 MMC-01-2-40
MCT-01-2-30 MMC-01-3-40
MCT-01-4-30 MMC-01-4-40
MDC-01-A-30 MMC-01-5-40
MDC-01-B-30 MMC-01-6-40
MDS-01-AT-30 MMC-01-7-40
MDS-01-PA-30 MMC-01-8-40
MDS-01-PB-30 MMC-01-9-40
MDS-01-PT-30 MPA-01-2-40
MFA-01-X-10 MPA-01-4-40
MFA-01-Y-10 MPB-01-2-40
MFB-01-X-10 MPB-01-4-40
MFB-01-Y-10 MPW-01-2-40
MFP-01-10 MPW-01-4-40
MFP-01-X-10 MRA-01-B-30
MFP-01-Y-10 MRA-01-C-30
MFW-01-X-10 MRA-01-H-30
MFW-01-Y-10 MRB-01-B-30
MHA-01-C-30 MRB-01-C-30
MHA-01-H-30 MRB-01-H-30
MHP-01-C-30 MRP-01-B-30
MHP-01-H-30 MRP-01-C-30
MJA-01-J-100-10 MRP-01-H-30
MJA-01-J-200-10 MSA-01-X-50
MJA-01-J-350-10 MSA-01-Y-50
MJA-01-J-35-10 MSB-01-X-50
MJA-01-M-B-10 MSB-01-Y-50
MJA-01-M-B-N-10 MSCP-01-30
MJA-01-M-C-10 MSP-01-50
MJA-01-M-C-N-10 MSTA-01-X-10
MJA-01-M-H-10 MSTB-01-X-10
MJA-01-M-H-N-10 MSTW-01-X-10
MJB-01-J-100-10 MSW-01-X-50
MJB-01-J-200-10 MSW-01-XY-50
MJB-01-J-350-10 MSW-01-Y-50
MJB-01-J-35-10 MSW-01-YX-50